Are you finding that there is tension in your relationship? Do you feel that you are fighting about everything and nothing at the same time? Do you find yourself disconnected or feeling that there is a lack of passion or expression of love? Do you feel resentful towards your partner because of hurt feelings? Has the trust in your relationship been shattered because of betrayal or an affair has occurred in your relationship?

Couple / Marriage Counselling

No one gets into a relationship or marriage with the expectation of fighting, coming across hard times or feeling disconnected. Yet, coming across difficult times seems to be an inevitable reality of being in a relationship. Sometimes relationship issues creep up on us slowly and other times there are clear events that have impacted the relationship. Regardless of how you found yourself in a tough period in your relationship, there is hope.

What is Gottman Couple Therapy?

The Gottman Method is an approach to couples therapy that is based on over 40 years of clinical research. Not all couples are alike and therefore should not be treated the same. The Gottman couple therapy approach includes a thorough researched based assessment on your relationship that helps to target the specific issues that need to be addressed, creating a tailored couple therapy treatment approach. This helps to reduce wasted time on trying to pinpoint the source of the problems in the relationship. Once the assessment is completed, research-based interventions and communication skills are used and taught so that couples walk away with a greater understanding of their relationship and how to communicate with one another to create a deeper sense of connection and closeness.

What Types of Issues are Commonly Present in Couple Therapy?

  • Communication

  • Managing conflict

  • Betrayal / Affair

  • Emotional closeness / intimacy

  • Love languages

  • Sex, passion, romance

  • Building friendship

  • Affection

  • Blending families

  • Life transitions

  • Stress

  • Family dynamics

  • Parenting