My passion for truly understanding people’s personal experiences, feelings and their challenges go back as far as I can remember, and allows me to provide the best support possible during times of need.

Life can be downright difficult, disappointing, stressful and feel unfair at times, it is my belief that this is an unavoidable part of our lives. But there is no reason to struggle through life’s challenges alone, or to give up because the feeling of being stuck can make you feel powerless.  

Importance of the Client Therapist Relationship

I believe that the nature of the professional, therapeutic bond that we are able to develop together will have a significant impact on the outcome of your therapy.  Feeling heard, understood, respected, and cared for, is required for you to feel comfortable discussing what could be a very difficult and vulnerable time in life. Therefore, one of my goals as a therapist, is to develop a strong, trusting, therapeutic relationship with all my clients. I believe it is my privilege to be invited into your story during such a difficult time. It is wonderful to see my clients progress towards, and achieve, the emotional and psychological goals they wish to achieve for themselves. It is important for clients to feel like they have a good fit with their therapist, because trust, comfort, and collaboration are so important in the clients progress.

Devon’s Counselling Background

I have a Masters of Social work and am a Registered Social Worker and psychotherapist. I have completed placements both locally and internationally. I have completed a postgraduate Marriage and Family Therapy Certificate at the University of Guelph, which required advanced courses for couples, individuals and families.  I have experience treating individuals, couples, families in both private practice and agency settings. Since moving into private practice I have been focusing my attention on working to become certified in the leading evidences based therapies. I have training in, and experience, working with couples using a specialized approach. The Gottman Method Couples Therapy allows for a thorough assessment and understanding of couple relationships. I have attended additional trainings with leading professionals to learn how to help couples work through and process affairs and PTSD events. I also have training in EMDR, which allows me to focus in on, and work with, trauma that may have been experienced at any point in life. I have completed additional training for complex trauma and the use of EMDR.  

Whether you are seeking help individually, as a couple, or as a family, I strive to make you feel that I understand what’s going on in your life in a supportive, warm and sensitive manner as we discuss, explore and develop deeper insights into your current challenges.