Individual therapy is the first step towards making meaningful change and overcoming barriers to personal growth.


Addressing challenges and seeking change does not have to feel overwhelming or be faced alone. There are times in our life where we feel stuck and feel like we want to address our challenges on our own but struggle to, or we have dealt with too much on our own for too long and feel overwhelmed.

Whatever your story is iā€™m here to help. 

We strongly believe seeking help speaks to your resilience, resourcefulness and desire to live your best life. Individual therapy is a journey to self discovery and healing, a journey that I consider a privilege and honour to be a part of.

Our work with individuals can help to process and manage a multitude of challenges including traumas, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, painful past experiences, self exploration, grief, stress etc. At Trillium Counselling we will guide and challenge you in a nurturing way so that you can return to a place of security and fulfillment.