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Balancing busy schedule and mental health, how to make time for mental health

Making Therapy Work: Balancing Your Busy Schedule and Mental Health

Life can be hectic and demanding, leaving little time for self-care and personal well-being. Amidst a packed schedule of work, family responsibilities, and social commitments, it’s easy to overlook the importance of mental health. However, finding the right balance is crucial for maintaining overall well-being. One effective way to achieve this balance is by making therapy work with your busy schedule. In this post, we will explore 8 different ways you can integrate therapy into your daily life to prioritize your mental health and achieve a healthier, happier you.

Online Therapy – A Flexible Solution

Traditional face-to-face therapy sessions may not always fit into a busy schedule due to time constraints or commuting hassles. In the last few years specifically, the huge growth of video appointments has opened up new avenues for therapy, including online therapy. 

As mentioned in one of our other posts, therapists using online counselling has increased from just 2.1% before the pandemic to over 84% today.  

With online therapy you can schedule sessions at your convenience, eliminating travel time and allowing you to engage in therapy from the comfort of your home or office. This flexibility makes it easier to fit therapy into your busy routine.  This increased flexibility means more access to therapy compared to before the pandemic where video therapy was quite low.  Increased flexibility and scheduling is likely why so many clients continue to use online therapy today. 

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Lunchtime Therapy Sessions

If you have a packed schedule during the day, consider scheduling therapy sessions during your lunch break. Use this time to focus on yourself, your mental health, and your well-being. Many of our therapists offer lunchtime sessions to accommodate individuals with busy work schedules who are looking to fit in a therapy session during their lunch at work. By dedicating just a portion of your lunch break to therapy, you can create a positive impact on your overall mental health.

Weekend or Evening Appointments

Weekdays may be too busy for some individuals to attend therapy sessions. In such cases, seeking therapists who offer weekend or evening appointments can be an excellent solution. At Trillium Counselling we currently offer both, although they are often high in demand.  By setting aside some time during the weekend or after work, you can prioritize your mental health without compromising your daily commitments.

Consider Your Car a Mobile Sanctuary

For individuals with busy lives, finding time at home for therapy sessions may still be challenging. In such cases, turning your car into a mobile sanctuary can be an ingenious solution. Park your car in a quiet area where you feel safe and comfortable and engage in therapy sessions from the privacy of your vehicle. Car sessions can be an excellent way to seize moments of tranquility during your hectic day.

Phone or Text-Based Therapy

For individuals constantly on-the-go or those who prefer written communication, phone or text-based therapy can be highly effective. Therapists now offer sessions conducted via phone calls or sometimes even text messages. This option allows you to receive guidance and support without having to be physically present in a therapist’s office.  At Trillium Counselling we currently offer phone therapy as an option if requested.

Integrate Therapy into Your Daily Routine

Look for ways to integrate therapy concepts into your daily life. For example, practicing mindfulness during your commute or taking short breaks during work to reflect on your feelings and emotions can be therapeutic. By incorporating these practices into your daily routine, you can ensure that therapy becomes a natural part of your busy schedule.

Make Self-Care a Priority

Incorporate self-care activities into your schedule to complement therapy. Allocate time for activities that recharge you, such as exercise, meditation, or spending quality time with loved ones. Self-care not only enhances the benefits of therapy but also ensures that you are better equipped to handle life’s challenges.

Set Realistic Goals

When trying to fit therapy into your busy life, it’s essential to set realistic goals. Acknowledge that you may not always have the time or energy to devote to therapy as much as you’d like. Setting achievable goals will help you stay committed to the process and prevent feelings of overwhelm.


If you are ready to prioritize your mental well-being and embark on a journey of self-improvement, let Trillium Counselling be your partner on this path. Our experienced therapists understand the challenges of juggling a busy schedule while seeking mental health support. We offer flexible appointment options, including online therapy and convenient evening sessions, to fit seamlessly into your daily routine. Take the proactive step towards a happier, more balanced life by scheduling a free 20-minute consultation with us today. Your mental health is worth the effort, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Remember, finding the right balance may require some trial and error, but the rewards of a healthier mind and a happier you are undoubtedly worth the effort.

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