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Most university students are juggling a lot of expectations and new experiences. With new stressors in their lives, many students struggle to maintain their mental health. Therapy can be beneficial for them, but they may not realize how much it can do to improve their lives. On top of that, worries about the cost may hold them back from services that would help them.

But college students in Kitchener Waterloo don’t have to let these things hold them back. At Trillium Counselling, our therapy team has helped students throughout Ontario and can help you create the life you want. The good news is that there are resources to make that support accessible! Even for students with limited budgets.

UWaterloo and Wilfrid Laurier Students Mental Health Benefits

Fortunately, many colleges and universities are starting to recognize that students are struggling, as well as the value of therapy to support them. Many students have tight budgets and fear that therapy is too expensive. However, an increasing number of student benefit plans are set up to make mental health services accessible

Both the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University offer similar benefits for mental health visits. They both cover up to $800 of visits per year. Wilfrid Laurier University pays a maximum of $100 per visit, while the University of Waterloo pays 80% of the session fee.

It’s worthwhile to explore your benefits even if you’re not ready to start therapy, so you are prepared. College life moves fast, and you deserve the support you need when things get tough.

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Therapy Can Help

Students don’t have to be in crisis to benefit from mental health services. In fact, pursuing therapy can help prevent a crisis and help students stay on the path they’ve chosen. Therapy can help them weather the ups and downs of university life in a number of important ways. Here are just some of the benefits of mental health services.

DBT Therapy Technique, Breathing Exercise

1. Stress Reduction

Simply having someone who will listen to your problems without judging you can ease the pressure you feel. Talking things through in a safe environment is often a great start to feeling better. A therapist can give you perspective on what you're dealing with and help you explore potential solutions.

University Student Counselling, develop skills, mental health development

2. Developing Skills

Therapy can help you build skills that help you navigate daily stress and conflict. From organizational techniques to coping mechanisms for anxiety, a therapist can equip you to live the life you want.

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3. Healing from Trauma

You don't have to be controlled by trauma responses such as PTSD. Therapy can guide you to confront and overcome experiences that haunt you. It can be scary to talk about difficult subjects, but it's a powerful way to reclaim your life.

University Student Counselling, Prepare for the future, mental health development

4. Prepare for the future

College is supposed to educate you, so you can be successful in life. Therapy can do the same thing, setting you up for better mental health down the road. Paying attention to your emotional needs now can help you avoid problems in the future.

What to Expect From Therapy as a Student

Therapy is ideally tailored to the patient and their individual needs, but you can expect a few basic steps as you move through the process.

During the first visit, you and the therapist will begin to get to know each other. They will explain their credentials and approach to treatment. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. A professional therapist won’t be offended if you have reservations: you have the right to answers about what you’re getting into.

Next, you will typically talk about what brings you to therapy and your goals for the process. This step directs what comes next. Are you there to address a specific issue, such as procrastination? If so, you will typically plan to meet certain measurable goals. Especially if you’re using a therapist who uses an approach such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, you can expect to make progress in a limited number of sessions.

On the other hand, if your goal is open-ended, such as exploring past trauma or difficult emotions, your goals may take longer and be less concrete. Regardless, you should have an idea of what to expect next. As therapy progresses, you will probably reassess your goals periodically. It’s perfectly reasonable to adjust your expectations and approach if you want to.

Again, a professional therapist won’t be offended by you advocating for yourself and your needs.

Psychotherapy gives you the tools to regulate your emotions and manage mental health challenges

Our Therapists

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Therapist, Counselor, Rosemary Victor, MSW RSW

Rosemary Victor

Registered Social Worker,

Rosemary believes that people are resilient, and that people can adapt and find hope in the most difficult of times, when they receive the support that they need.

Therapist, Counselor, Katelyn Regier, MSW RSW

Katelyn Regier

Registered Social Worker,

I strongly believe that everyone has the capacity for change already within themselves – I aim to empower individuals towards their unique goals in ways that are meaningful to the life they want to live

Psychotherapist - Bradley Vasquez

Bradley Vasquez

Registered Psychotherapist

Brad believes that people are capable for change and have the strength to do so within themselves. He is thankful for the opportunity to work with clients in achieving their goals and supporting them throughout their journey

Therapist, Counselor, Megan Hendry, MSW RSW

Megan Hendry

Registered Social Worker,

Megan is deeply honoured and grateful to have the beautiful opportunity to walk alongside and support her clients as they face some of life’s gravest obstacles, and help to promote healing and lasting change within their lives

Amy - Clinical social worker MSW RSW

Amy King

Registered Social Worker,

Whatever your goal for therapy, Amy’s down to earth, client-centered, collaborative approach will help you work through the changes that you want to bring to your life, while developing deeper insight and strengthening resilience.

Therapist, Counselor, RSW, Trillium Counselling, Psychotherapist, Caroline Brousseau

Caroline Brousseau

Registered Social Worker,

I will help you feel proud to be who you are, and work towards a solution that is adapted to your own specific personality, values and dreams

Registered Psychotherapist, Counselor, Catherine Lynn Roach, RP

Catherine Lynn Roach

Registered Psychotherapist

My goal as a therapist is to help my client’s reach the goals that are important to them. I am passionate about helping my clients feel safe enough to explore their concerns and how together we can achieve their goals

Local Therapist, Kitchener Waterloo Counselor, Melanie Baker, MSW RSW

Melanie Baker

Registered Social Worker,

“My goal is to support the person you are today in the process of becoming who you want to be—and maybe, rediscovering who you always were. I believe that when we make space for difficult things, we create room for change, growth, and joy.”

therapist - Michelle

Michelle Wikerd

Registered Social Worker,

I recognize how much strength and courage it takes to reach out for help in times of suffering. I’d be honoured to be apart of your journey towards wellness

Therapist - Devon Jorge

Devon Jorge

Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist & Clinical Director

My passion for truly understanding people’s personal experiences, feelings and their challenges go back as far as I can remember, and allows me to provide the best support possible during times of need

Therapist, Counselor, Milena Urbanajc, MSW RSW

Milena Urbanajc

Registered Social Worker,

We all aim to live life to the fullest, but sometimes there is something that may be holding us back, and this is what we aim to work out in therapy

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