Cognitive behaviour therapy

CBT Helps You Challenge Thoughts, Beliefs and Attitudes 

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Brain, CBT

Our thoughts about a past experience or current event have a substantial impact on the emotional, behavioural and physical reaction we have to it.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT Therapy) is a mental health therapy focused on challenging ‘cognitive distortions’ to build coping strategies for current problems. 

CBT will give you the tools and teach you methods and skills that have been clinically proven to be helpful for a wide range of day to day and longer term mental health challenges.  

The skills developed with your Cognitive behaviour therapist will help you handle stress better, increase confidence, improve inter-personal relationships and become less fearful.

CBT Therapy - Proven Effective Therapy for a very wide range of mental health challenges

CBT Therapy Challenges Our Thoughts, Beliefs And Attitudes

How Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Works

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy teaches you to be aware of how triggers in your environment impact your thoughts, physical reactions, moods and behaviours. 

All 5 elements are interconnected and each part will influence other aspects of our life.  Gaining an understanding of how these different parts interact will play a significant role in understanding our problems and the influence we have on each element.

CBT helps break down overwhelming problems into smaller parts to both help understand and confront challenges.  

Even minor improvements in any of these elements play a large role in influencing positive change in other areas.

The CBT Therapist’s role is to help you develop effective strategies and coping mechanisms to reduce or eliminate symptoms of distress.  Outside of therapy you would have the tools needed to manage your symptoms or distress.

Although Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is very effective for a majority of mental health challenges, other therapies such as EMDR Therapy can be utilized for issues such as trauma.

What Does Cogntive Behaviour Therapy Session Look Like?

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"CBT focuses on the here-and-now—on the problems that come up in day-to-day life. CBT helps people to examine how they make sense of what is happening around them and how these perceptions affect the way they feel"
"In many studies, CBT has been demonstrated to be as effective as, or more effective than, other forms of psychological therapy or psychiatric medications."

How Can Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Help?

CBT is a problem focused practical psychotherapy designed to help address mental health issues in an effective manner.  Multiple studies have found CBT therapy to be highly effective in managing symptoms from a multitude of common mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety etc.  

By becoming aware of your ‘automatic thoughts’, attitudes and beliefs during stressful or triggering situations, you can learn to change how you feel, think and act to various situations.  Learning the tools of CBT will help you in your day to day life, not only during the course of your therapy, but through the future.

Cognitive behaviour therapy - before, fear example
Mind Over Mood (C. Padesky PhD, D. Greenberger PhD), 2016
Cognitive behaviour therapy - after, fear example
Mind Over Mood (C. Padesky PhD, D. Greenberger PhD), 2016

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Megan Hendry

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Marinela Braunstein

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I believe in working together, in collaboration, to help you achieve your therapeutic and life goals. I will help you reflect on your strengths and resiliency, even in times when it may feel like you are alone and unsure about yourself

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Michelle Wikerd

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I recognize how much strength and courage it takes to reach out for help in times of suffering. I’d be honoured to be apart of your journey towards wellness
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Devon Jorge

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My passion for truly understanding people’s personal experiences, feelings and their challenges go back as far as I can remember, and allows me to provide the best support possible during times of need

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