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Navigating Stress Through Therapy

We all know what stress feels like. You may have trouble sleeping, feel tension in the body, have racing thoughts, or a general sense of unease. Although everyone experiences stress at times, for some people it can have a serious impact on their lives. Whether you’re dealing with low-level, constant stress or you’re grappling with extreme stress, it can affect your health as well as how you feel.

If you find yourself battling unrelenting stress, you can overcome it. Stress Therapy dives deep, unravels the core issues, and guides you to a calmer, more resilient self.

What exactly is Stress?

Stress, a response to external triggers, can be momentary or persist over time. People tend to think of stress as an emotional reaction, but the truth is that most of what people experience as stress is physical. The body’s “fight or flight” mechanism, activates during stress, manifesting in physical symptoms. The challenge arises when the body frequently experiences stress in response to everyday events, disrupting the adaptive “fight or flight” response designed for life-threatening situations.

You might be wondering how stress differs from anxiety? Anxiety is the body’s response to stress, and it can manifest even in the absence of an immediate threat.

Since 2007, APA has commissioned an annual nationwide Stress in America survey as part of its Mind/Body Health campaign to examine the state of stress across the country and understand its impact. The 2022 results showed that:

  • 55% of of people surveyed are stressed during the day with 63% of workers are ready to quit their job to avoid work-related stress.
  • Chronic stress is commonplace at work with 94% of workers reporting feeling stress at work.

Working with a therapist can help you unravel stress triggers, disrupt unhealthy patterns, and develop healthy coping strategies.

Am I Suffering From Excessive Stress?


Hans Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome outlines stress’s three stages: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. Unraveling the physical toll that stress demands on your body provides insights crucial for effective coping and making the positive changes to improve your overall health.

Sources of Stress

Stress can arise from various factors, including demanding jobs, relationship issues, overscheduled lives, or significant life changes. Chronic stress, resulting from prolonged pressure, and acute stress, triggered by events like violence or illness, can both take a toll on mental and physical health. Identifying and managing stressors is crucial for overall well-being.

Stress occurs in everyone’s life, but some people struggle with it more than others. Here are some factors that can make stress worse:

  • A lack of social support
  • Multiple or long-lasting sources of stress
  • Other emotional problems
  • A lack of confidence in your ability to cope with the sources of your stress
  • Negative interpretations, such as “I can’t handle this” or “I’m a failure at everything.”

How Therapy Can Help with Stress

Whether you’re experiencing overwhelming, excessive levels of stress, or you just feel like stress is keeping you from living your best life, therapy can help. A trained therapist offers a structured and supportive environment to unravel the complexities of individual stress triggers. They collaborates with clients to identify the root causes of stress, dissecting the emotional, psychological, and situational factors contributing to the overwhelming burden. Through evidence-based techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), clients gain a deeper understanding of their unique stressors, allowing for the development of tailored coping strategies.

Therapy helps to disrupt unhealthy patterns entrenched by chronic stress. By fostering a reflective space, therapists assist individuals in recognizing and challenging negative thought patterns, promoting healthier responses to stressors. Mindfulness-based interventions enhance present-moment awareness, equipping individuals with tools to navigate and reduce stressors with greater clarity and composure.

How Therapy can help with body image, body image therapy

Therapy empowers individuals to navigate life’s challenges with greater adaptability, ultimately enhancing their overall well-being and ability to cope with stressors.

Impact of Stress on Health

It is possible for stress to be a part of a healthy life. Occasional, brief periods of stress can actually help you, spurring you to perform your best on a test or motivating you to prepare for a challenge. But when the stress is extreme or unrelenting, it can have a serious impact on your health.

According to the American Psychological Association, having high levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol, raises your risk of several conditions. It can contribute to depression, anxiety, lowered immune response, digestive problems, headaches, muscle pain, coronary disease, stroke, trouble sleeping, weight gain, memory loss, and concentration impairment. Stress also seems to cause inflammation in the circulatory system.

Living with chronic or extreme stress doesn’t just feel bad; it’s actually destructive.

Our compassionate therapists are equipped with various tools to help you manage stress effectively. You do not have to face stress alone.

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Megan Pass

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It is an honor to be in a position to support and empower people when they are vulnerable by helping them recognize their own strengths and teach healthy coping skills

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Milena Urbanajc

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We all aim to live life to the fullest, but sometimes there is something that may be holding us back, and this is what we aim to work out in therapy

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Catherine Lynn Roach

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My goal as a therapist is to help my client’s reach the goals that are important to them. I am passionate about helping my clients feel safe enough to explore their concerns and how together we can achieve their goals

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Samantha Kittell

Registered Social Worker,

I believe in the transformative power of therapy to create positive change and restore hope. My goal is to provide a safe and nurturing space where individuals feel seen, heard, and supported on their path toward healing and self-discovery.

Local Therapist, Kitchener Waterloo Counselor, Kisha Elliston, MSW RSW

Kisha Elliston

Registered Social Worker

Let’s not leave anyone out. Let us remember to extend a loving hand and remember that this journey called life is hard. I want to be alongside you in hopes to remind you of the beauty and strength that still exists within yourself, and within life. Together we can restore hope, restore faith, and restore love

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Devon Jorge

Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist & Clinical Director

My passion for truly understanding people’s personal experiences, feelings and their challenges go back as far as I can remember, and allows me to provide the best support possible during times of need