Hours and Rates

Hours of Service

Counselling Rates

Couples Sessions are typically 80 mins in length (depending on therapist) and cost per session 1.5x individual rate for additional time.

Other Services:

  • Documentation (Simple 1 Page Letter) – $40 / letter
  • Client file transfer / Prep – $60 (additional fee >50 pages)
  • Other services not indicated would be charged per therapist clinical rate per 1/4 hr. 

Are you a student at University of Waterloo or Laurier? See our section on student mental health benefits

Cancellation Policy

2 business days for 80 minute appointments and 1 business days’ notice for 50 minute appointments. If appointments are not cancelled in this timeline then the full amount is charged.

Due to the nature of the recurring appointment schedule, if multiple consecutive appointment cancellations occur, a discussion may be had with your therapist to be put on the cancellation list for future appointments instead of a recurring time slot.

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