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How Effective Is EMDR for Trauma and PTSD?

A common question I get from clients is does EMDR Therapy work?”. EMDR has been widely researched as effective for PTSD and trauma with up to 100% effectiveness for single trauma and 77% effective for those with multiple traumas. EMDR therapy has also been found to be highly effective for helping combat veterans eliminate PTSD symptoms.

EMDR therapy is widely used by over 100,000 therapists around the world. More than 15 major associations worldwide recommend EMDR for trauma and PTSD including the World Health Organization, American Psychological Association and U.S. Dept of Veteran Affairs.

Answers to other common questions about EMDR such as “does EMDR work for everyone” and is there “EMDR therapy for anxiety” can be found here: EMDR.

The infographic below summarizes the effectiveness and should help answer the question of ‘does EMDR therapy work’


Emdr, Emdr therapy, Does EMDR work

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  1. Stanley Thomas

    Before we get into EMDR therapy, I think it is important to discuss what trauma is. Trauma is any event or experience in your life that has had a continued or long-standing impact.

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