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Kait Stamcos

Registered Social Worker - MSW, RSW

Local Therapist, Kitchener Waterloo Counselor, Kait Stamcos, MSW RSW

Kait Stamcos

Registered Social Worker
(Msw, RSW)


Individual Counselling (16+), Perinatal and Post-Partum Mental Health


In-Person Counselling & Online Therapy


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotion Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Narrative Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Trauma Informed, Solution Focused, Somatic and Mindfulness-based Therapy


Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Hoarding, Trauma, Complex Trauma, Attachment Issues, Perinatal Mental Health, Relational Difficulties, ADHD, Stress Management, Boundary Setting


Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW)

Kait extends a supportive and compassionate presence to her clients, infusing her practice with a genuine passion for fostering growth and well-being. Her approach incorporates a blend of curiosity, gentleness, and humour. Kait supports individuals with challenges such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, hoarding, trauma, and the intricate complexities of motherhood and parenting. Additionally, she provides neurodivergent-affirming tools for those seeking more effective approaches.

Rooted in her personal journey as a therapy client, Kait recognizes the transformative and empowering nature of the therapeutic process. Embracing a feminist, biopsychosocial perspective, she refrains from pathologizing, valuing each person as a unique individual with distinct life experiences. Kait is experienced in assisting clients in discovering various facets of themselves, promoting a compassionate exploration of their inner landscape.

In her eclectic yet trauma-informed practice, sessions with Kait are marked by bravery, curiosity, and self-compassion. Her commitment to tailoring approaches to each client ensures a personalized therapeutic experience, fostering growth and resilience. Embracing a philosophy that cherishes diversity and individuality, Kait’s practice stands as a brave space for those seeking meaningful and transformative therapeutic support.

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